Careful. Quoting Is No Defence

[Nigel Hannaford] Now, if I — as an unreconstructed white guy, and a Christian to boot — made these assertions based on no more than my own observations, I would probably be up to my knees in paperwork from somebody’s human rights commission. Pointing out the lack of human rights in Islamic states, you see, is the kind of seditious talk that human rights commissions in Canada hate.

However, I’m actually just quoting the gist of what Tarek Fatah says in his new book, Chasing a Mirage: the Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State.


[Tizona] In December 2007, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) filed Human Rights Commission complaints against Steyn and the magazine in three different jurisdictions, charging them with “exposing Muslims to hatred and contempt” for, among other things, accurately quoting a Norwegian imam who boasted that Muslims were breeding “like mosquitoes.”


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