So Now It’s About International Terrorism

DWE loves it when CHRC lawyers quote US officials to validate their views, while the CHRC itself says the Americans are nuts. Welcome to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, home of the biggest shell game in the country. You pay their bills, so grab a seat and enjoy.

[CHRC lawyer Mark Freiman] This focus on the Internet is significant. Just last week, the U. S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs released a report confirming that Internet Web sites remain the most important recruitment tool used by violent Islamist extremist groups to cultivate “the homegrown terrorist threat.” While Section 13(1) is obviously incapable of ridding the Internet of such content, the Zundel case demonstrates that it can deal with the use of Canada as a base for such activities.


[Justice Juriansz, as quoted on the CHRC webpage regarding Section 13] It seems fair to say that the American view is becoming a minority one in the world. Canada is part of what appears to be growing global consensus, which observes that careful restrictions of some forms of speech are both desirable and necessary.


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