Internet. Engine Of Hate

[New York Times] The Internet is seeing a stark rise in the number of hate and terror sites and Web postings, according to a Congressional briefing last week entitled “Hate in the Information Age.”

At the briefing, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, an associate dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group based in Los Angeles, presented the organization’s annual study of online terror and hate. He said the group had identified some 8,000 problematic sites in the last 12 months, a 30 percent spike over last year.

The rest.


2 responses to “Internet. Engine Of Hate

  1. I think i would agree because if you’re a daily youtube addict like i am,you would see some nasty posts from people that can hardly be called literate. I think some of them are coming out because they are getting avenues to posts and are not being penalized for their behavior.

    DWE: You just penalized them.

  2. moderation ahaahah i just fell out my chair. Just a observation,your logo at the top of the page is hilarious because it appears like the guy is bonning the dog ahahha. I’m not offended by your inner desires but some idiots on wordpress might!! you mind if i refer your logo to some friends who will find it funny?

    DWE: The symbol is from the overseas street sign “No dogs on the escalator.”

    Appears and offended. You just confirmed the point of this webpage in one comment.

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