Canada And US To World: Sorry We’re Such Screw Ups

We know. You’ll be surprised to learn that this writer is a Canadian law school graduate:

[Hassan Arif, May 19, 2008] For many of us, it wasn’t long ago when we would talk to our progressive minded American friends and find them feeling apologetic and embarrassed by their President, George W. Bush. In comparison, we as Canadians felt proud about our country. True Prime Ministers such as Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney were far from perfect, but internationally they maintained Canada’s proud reputation as a peacekeeper, as an international team player, and as a positive force in the world. Unlike many of our American friends we, for the most part, didn’t feel embarrassed or apologetic about our government’s actions overseas.

This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

The rest.


One response to “Canada And US To World: Sorry We’re Such Screw Ups

  1. I agree 100% Arif.
    I have lived in Canada for 73 years and have (up until the past few years) been PROUD to say I am Canadian and to stand up for everything I felt Canada represented.

    Lately I find myself asking myself, “Where did my Canada go?” We seem to have lost our moral compass and our government is concerned only with commercials to promote its own agenda. MP and the media are muzzled at every opportunity. “Official” government statements at best say nothing, or more often are totally misleading or worse.


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