Guess Her TV’s Broken

[Tehran Times, May 17, 2008] Rabbi Gottlieb, one of the first ten women rabbis in the history of Judaism, on May 10 visited the offices of the Tehran Times and the Mehr News Agency, heading a delegation of 21 peace activists from the United States. 

The interfaith delegation included people of Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, and Indigenous religious confessions from 11 different U.S. states. 

“It is important to remember that the Islamic world has sheltered the Jewish people throughout our long history,” Rabbi Gottlieb said in an interview with MNA.

“(Here) we have eaten well, we have been graciously hosted, we have loved the people of Iran, and we have had wonderful conversations… This is a community that expresses many different views within the context of a tremendous spirit of hospitality, which we have so appreciated. And that is the tradition we share.”


[Associated Press, May 14, 2008]  Speaking in northern Iran, [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad said, “The Zionist regime is dying. The criminals assume that by holding celebrations they can save the sinister Zionist regime from death and annihilation.” Iran does not recogize Israel, and Ahmadinejad was internationally condemned in 2005 when he said in a speech that Israel should be “erased from the world map.”

“Nations of the region hate this criminal fabricated regime (Israel) and will uproot this fabricated regime if the smallest and shortest opportunity is given to them,” Ahmadinejad said Wednesday in an address broadcast live on state television.


[Associated Press, August 3, 2006] Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday the solution to the Middle East crisis is to destroy Israel.


[Haaretz, Jan 30, 2008] Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on the West Wednesday to acknowledge Israel’s “imminent collapse.” 

Speaking to a crowd on a visit to the southern port of Bushehr, where Iran’s first light-water nuclear power plant is being built by Russia, Ahmadinejad further incited his listeners to “stop supporting the Zionists, as [their] regime reached its final stage.”

“Accept that the life of Zionists will sooner or later come to an end,” the Iranian president said in a televised speech.


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