Different Country, Different Spin

“This is a historic and landmark day for those who value fairness and opportunity. The court’s decision today upheld the highest ideals of equality that are embodied in the California Constitution. There is no more important and deeply personal decision than whether to take on the commitment of marriage. With today’s ruling, the California Supreme Court declared that lesbians and gay men have an equal right to make that cherished commitment.”
Shannon Price Minter
Lead counsel for same-sex couples and Legal Director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, who argued the case before the California Supreme Court


So, if Australian gay men are in no rush to form stable, long-term relationships, and certainly don’t form unions of the kind most Australians would recognise as having the marks of marriage, who is behind the push for gay marriage, and the idea that it is a key issue for gay Australians?

Certainly not ordinary, same sex-attracted Australians.

Most of us would agree with gay rights pioneer Professor Dennis Altman, who recently criticised a few activists’ fixation on “gay marriage” and described the whole push as “self-indulgent crap”.


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