CHRC Rattled, Goes On Section 13 Offensive

We doubt it’s a coincidence that the CHRC released a new page on their website to “expand knowledge” of Section 13. The CHRC has taken a beating in the press the past couple of months, and this release looks to calm the masses. The highlights:

Does Canada have an equivalent to the First Amendment?


Is section 13 consistent with international human rights law?


Well then, we feel better already. As long as we’re like Norway, Italy, and Luxembourg, but not the dumb Yanks, game on. By way of making everyone comfy, a Canadian justice puts it this way:

It seems fair to say that the American view is becoming a minority one in the world. Canada is part of what appears to be growing global consensus, which observes that careful restrictions of some forms of speech are both desirable and necessary.

Sounds better than Thomas Jefferson to us. Still no word on what “some forms of speech” means, who decides what they are, and who decides what is “desirable.”


One response to “CHRC Rattled, Goes On Section 13 Offensive

  1. Simon Fleischmann

    If it comes out of a post-modern academic’s mouth, chances are it is another example of “unadulterated hogwash”. Remember, post-modern feminists and their organisations have remained ABSOLUTELY SILENT in the face of what we all agree is Islamic victimization of the female gender. Because “the girls” are so lost in post-modern dross, millions of girls are genitally mutilated every year, killed in “honour killings” by Islamic adherents across the globe, wife beating, etc. I COULD go on, but as a MAN I find it too disgusting to contemplate (but I give thousands per year to support women’s shelters catering to Muslim women).

    Nice to know that canadian and American “women’s groups” can choose silence and dhimmitude in the face of their sisters’ suffering.

    Way to go for “walking your talk”, North American feminst organisations.

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