Historically and Geographically Challenged

In The Canadian, a writer breaks out the Royal “we” with gusto:

He lives there, I don’t. I get it. But I’m Palestinian too.

We are not less human that we should be expected to continue to “negotiate” with our oppressors for basic human rights. For decades now we have extended our collective hand in willingness to accept the two-state solution, a desperate offer of great compromise on our part. And for that same length of time, Israel has continued to steal more and more of our land, to kill, maim, and dispossess more and more of us. The daily horrors inflicted on my countrymen have nothing to do with terrorism or our corrupt leadership. Our great crime is that we are not Jewish. We are oppressed, denied, humiliated daily, dispossessed and robbed because we are not Jewish.

The rest.


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