Blogger: Blowing Up Restaurants Is Courageous

DWE doesn’t mind printing other people’s propaganda, as long as it makes them look stupid. Here’s another screed for Israeli independence day.

[The People’s Voice] Until Palestine has been restored, Palestinians have the right to use what weapons they may possess to drive the invader out. If all they have are rocks and sticks and suicide belts, then that is perfectly legitimate as well as an indication of a courage that the invader does not possess. It is the commonly shared and oft-repeated belief of the mad-dog settlers and large body of neo-con Israelis that there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestine. However, believing something doesn’t make it so.

But…if you believe it, then it can’t be so? Or maybe, if we believe, then it is so? Or isn’t so? Or…ah, nevermind.


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